Joshua 12-14
Part 2 of 6

We all make decisions that end up being determinative in our lives. These decisions are the result of choices that we make. Some times these are agreements others are partnerships and still others are unilateral promises.

God leads us into challenging situations in life. When He does we must be ready. Decisions and choices will meet us. Wisdom to choose well and complete any steps of obedience will be essential to faithful living.

Over the years I have taught many students. I make them a promise that no matter where they are or what happens in their lives, if they are hurting and need someone I will be there. They can call me or come and see and I will help them.

Whenever that call has come I have answered. It calls for some immediate decisions and choices but God has always been faithful through helping those in need. Tough moments have come along with those cries for help, but God’s mercy has always been a part of those moments to come alongside someone in need.

More later…