Joshua 12-14
Part 3 of 6

Life needs moments to pause from busyness and reflect. In these times of assessment reviewing what has happened brings meaning into life. God gives Israel a chance to remember the blessings under the leadership of both Moses and now Joshua.

The victories that God gave to Moses on the East side of the Jordan River are rehearsed. Then, a review of Joshua’s victories is revisited. It is fascinating that Joshua’s victories are over 16 kings in the South and 15 kings in the North.

In the book of Joshua there were not 31 battles recorded for us to read. These actual numbers are accurate but clearly the record of these battles was selective. Only certain ones are included in the Inspired account.

These battles show that the people of Israel are becoming a nation. Every nation needs two things: a constitution and real estate. The constitution was the Law of Moses. Now, the Land that God was giving the people would be their real estate.

More later…