Joshua 12-14
Part 5 of 6

Caleb’s example is amazing for all who follow the LORD.  He was perfectly content with God’s sovereign distribution to him.  There was no hint of whining.

Instead a courageous man sees the blessing of the gift and the challenge to secure the gift that was given to him.  Caleb went about making God’s distribution his and then expanded it.  God’s pattern for many is similar: gladly accept what God has given, then maximize that potential in a life of service.

Surround yourself with others who have the same godly perspective.  When they follow your lead and act as stewards of God’s provisions, they too will be a part of a growing ministry.  Then, be sure and reward those who serve alongside of you.  This will seal their loyalty.

God never sets up a pattern of entitlement for people.  At least not while on this earth.  Our eternal reward is in the future.

On earth it is a matter of living faithfully according to His instructions.  Our obedience and mutual loyalty are the functions in daily living.  Whining is never an option.  Fussing and comparing with others is not a part of obedient living?

More later…