Joshua 12-14
Part 6 of 6

Flintlock weapons use a system to strike a piece of flint against steel.  The sparks that are created cause the gunpowder in a pan to ignite.  Then, the initial gunpowder that lights up sends its fire through a hole that leads into the primary firing chamber at the end of musket barrel.  In the compression chamber, the charge explodes and sends the lead ball firing out of the end of the barrel.

If the hole to the firing chamber is clogged or if the gunpowder is corrupted then there is no ignition.  The only thing that happens is the fire occurs harmlessly in the firing pan.  The phrase “flash in the pan” came from this phenomenon.

Today we say someone who has a noteworthy beginning but never “pans out” or is unsuccessful in meeting people’s expectations is nothing more than a “flash in the pan”.  No one wants to fail at meeting up to the expectations of others or even a person’s own self-claims of success.  We want to live up to all of our potential and especially our own promises.

The story of Caleb is a testimony of consist faithful obedience.  He is not one who just cries out his intentions in the beginning only to falter in the end.  Caleb is not a “flash in the pan” but one of those lives up to his claims.

Caleb’s life is a lesson about trusting God with courageous faith.  The combination of our Almighty God and His obedient servants is a spectacular conclusion.  God will accomplish a lot through His servants who trust Him.

Thanks for joining me on this journey through the Scriptures.