Joshua 15-17
Part 5 of 6

So many who live outside of the faith take potshots at the Scriptures.  They accuse God of showing favoritism toward men and against women.  Selectively, they point at events that give men favorable treatment.

Few ever point to this section in Joshua 17.  Here God reveals that He is the best thing that ever happened to the honor of women.  Divinity is not chauvinistic but gracious.

Zelophehad had no sons but only daughters.  During the distribution of the land, what was to become of his offspring?  The girls did not remain silent.

They took the initiative and went to the leaders including Joshua.  In careful recollection they quoted the words of Moses and the promises of God.  An inheritance was to be theirs.

Joshua did not make an exception.  He simply did what was right in God’s eyes.  Land was given to these daughters.  They embraced the gift.

These women did not protest or whine.  Deliberately, they made their case and the leadership of Israel granted their request.  God demonstrates His favor toward women.

It is not about equality.  There is nothing about fairness.  Everything in this episode is about doing what is right.  Righteousness is always God’s will.

More later…