Joshua 18-20

Part 1 of 6


It has been a long time since I preached my first sermon. That agonizing experience was in the Portland, Oregon Rescue Mission. On the western end of the Burnside Bridge on the northern side of the street locked between other brick buildings this iconic structure has stood for decades.


Preaching is one of those few professions where this endeavor is done with no guarantee of monetary reward. Once in a while something very special happens but often the earthly reward is modest. Others are comical.


After preaching a special service for a church the chairman of the Board walked me to my car with words of gratitude and handed me a bag of tomatoes. I do not even like tomatoes. When it came time to fill my gas tank for the long drive home, I used my own money to make the journey.


Another time I flew to another state where I had been invited to speak at a conference. When the chairman of the board dropped me off at the airport after speaking several times over two days, he commented, “Well, I hope that you enjoyed your visit with us and had a great vacation here.”


More later…