Joshua 18-20

Part 2 of 6


The nation of Israel was now in the Promised Land.  Joshua had led the Israelites through major military battles and watched God fight in front of them for victory after victory.  Then, God gave the nation rest.


Joshua spoke on the behalf of the LORD.  He told them that now they could take their allotment of land and finish up driving out the remaining people who were the enemies of God and by doing so expand their own borders.  Caleb had done just that.


However, the rest of the tribes balked at taking such initiative on their own.  Joshua was annoyed with their reluctance.  He gathered them together and scolded them.


He reminded them that the LORD had given them the Land.  They were not expected to gain victory on their own.  Instead, they were challenged to claim what was already given to them.


The Levites, however, were not rewarded as the rest of the tribes.  They did not receive a land inheritance.  For them the privilege of serving the nation as priests is their reward.


Very few of us in ministry have any grand ideas of getting rich in what we have been called to do.  We simply look to God for our needs and love our life of service.  In the end we trust His saints to take care of those who serve them spiritually.


More later…