Special Allotments

Joshua 18-20

Part 3 of 6


Joshua was a beneficiary of the Land as well. Once all of the tribes were served first, then was also enjoying an allotment. The Israelites acted together in giving him the land.


Their purpose was not out of their gratitude or respect. Instead, they were acting in obedience. God had instructed them to give Joshua a portion in the Land. Their obedience became Joshua’s blessing.


God’s will is for those who represent Him and lead His people to be cared for by the people who benefit from that ministry. This model is one that is not limited to the Old Testament. By application God will still be honored today when the Saints care for their leaders.


Whenever I left a ministry, those whom I served honored me with a celebration. The warmth and expressions of love and appreciation are treasured moments. Words, embraces, handshakes, whispers of appreciation, gifts, mementos and reflections were priceless gifts.


Grateful people are a portrait of the Savior’s love. From a heart of devotion there is care and real life. While parting is such sweet sorrow, the blessings of ministry are a glimpse of heaven’s rewards.


More later…