Joshua 18-20

Part 5 of 6


We are not the nation of Israel.  Those in our family are not like the tribes of Israel.  There is no spiritual parallel of a direct nature between the nation of Israel and us today.


However, we serve the same God.  That God has the same heart of love and understanding for us frail and often error-ridden humans.  He takes care of us who have experienced an error that was not a matter of our intentions.


It is more than bad luck.  There is no such a thing.  God providentially directs our steps and provides for all of our needs, even the need for encouragement through tough times.


We live in a world that is corrupted with sin.  The consequences of sin in our lives by our own actions and the world infected by original sin makes for lives needing God’s mercy.  He continues to generously fill our lives with these measures.


More later…