Joshua 21,22
Part 1 of 7

Life lately had been very hectic and I had found myself running around being kept extremely busy with work. So much so, that I had been neglecting my husband, Sam. The third new restaurant I was opening was nearly ready and as the opening night drew closer the length of time I spent there seemed to increase.  Each night I would have to drag myself back to the small apartment only to find my dear husband fast asleep.

Although that night before our grand opening I had finished earlier than usual it was still late when I arrived at the apartment expecting to find my husband again sound asleep. As I made my way along the hallway not wanting to disturb Sam I suddenly became aware of muted voices coming from the bedroom.  Suddenly I felt something soft beneath my feet. Bending down I slowly lifted the soft material, a waft of exotic perfume emanating from it. It was a dress! And not just any dress but the veritable ‘little, black number’, and obviously for a slim woman, as it seemed two dress sizes smaller than mine.

Without thinking I turned and ran, slamming the outer door shut behind me.  I had no idea where I was going. When I looked around I was standing by the riverbank my mind in a whirl.

My husband, my adorable Sam was having an affair. He had found another woman; and one who was younger and slimmer than me.  I had become too busy. Perhaps Sam had got bored with me never being at home. He had found someone new and I knew I couldn’t blame him for doing so. I had been neglecting him for ages. I felt I might as well be dead.

More later…