Joshua 21,22

Part 2 of 7


I looked at the river. Perhaps I should end it all, here and now.

Suddenly out of the darkness there were people running and shouting, “run!”  “Why?” I shouted.  “The dam has broken its banks. Get to higher ground quick.”

Then it hit me, the restaurant, it was at the top of the hill. I would be safe there. I was partway up the hill when I stumbled and fell.

A strong pair of arms gently enclosed me and lifted me onto my feet.

“Thank God you are safe,” the man said. And as I looked up I found my husband standing there encouraging me to get up and run. Never before had I been so glad to see him.


Finally, at the restaurant I instructed the headwaiter to unlock the doors to the restaurant and to let the people standing around go in.  I heard a commotion as someone burst into the restaurant calling Sam’s name. As I turned I saw Thomas, my husband’s best friend, a US Marine who just returned from a tour in the Middle East, talking animatedly. Then I noticed next to Thomas and holding his hand tight, was his wife wearing a little, black dress and smelling of a perfume I recognized.

He had asked Sam to double date with us that night for dinner.  According to Thomas they got tired of waiting and began to celebrate on their own.


The relief I felt at the news was overwhelming and I had to turn away quickly before I burst into tears. My mind was in a whirl. My husband hadn’t been unfaithful. He hadn’t found someone new after all. As I stood there trying to control my emotions I felt those familiar strong arms slowly entwine themselves around me.


“It will be okay,” I heard my husband say in my ear; “we can sort this mess out and be ready for tonight’s party.”

Slowly I turned to look into Sam’s eyes and shaking my head I said, “No; we will postpone it until the end of the week.”

Sam just nodded in agreement before gently kissing me.

“I love you,” I said when he finally moved away from my lips.

“I know,” he replied, “and I love you. Let’s go home.”

More later…