Joshua 21,22
Part 6 of 7


The 2 ½ tribes build an imposing altar en route to their Lands on the East side of the Jordan River.  Word of this action reaches back to the rest of the Israelites.  Nothing is said of who brought the news or why they interpreted the news the way they did.  That is often the case in misunderstandings.


Israel reacted out of fear, surprise and assumption.  They jumped to a conclusion because their own sensitivity to their history of violating God’s law.  Further, they acted out of fear that if any of the tribes got out of line God would judge the entire nation.


The majority tribes were intent on war.  There was a prejudgment to hurt those that they had already judged as guilty.  Condemnation was embedded in their questions: “How could you break faith?  How could you turn away from the LORD?”


None of this was true.  However, their accusations had already concluded that they were right and the 2 ½ tribes were wrong.  They were guilty before being proven to be so.


A moment of respite happens that is not frequently repeated in our modern days.  It can be easily traced back to the common declaration that all of the tribes announced as their commitment.  Right at the precipice of disaster, the nation rights itself as what is most important rises to the surface.


More later…