Joshua 21,22
Part 7 of 7


When we are in the middle of a misunderstanding and our accusers are vehemently convinced that we are guilty of their imaginations, remember to put your deepest trust in the fact that God knows what really is the truth.  Trust must result in confidence.  Tell the truth but do not fight as the world fights.


Say the words “The LORD knows,” so that you hear yourself declare that truth.  Others will try and bait you with their challenge to fight, but do not sink to their level.  They may well resort to anger, vile allegations or even tears, but resolve to maintain your dignity and control.


Finally, when all is said and done there may be no resolution to the truth.  Resist being bitter.  God said that we would suffer trials of many kinds.  In the end how He provides and how He leads us will be the best testimony of what is true.


Misunderstandings will happen.  People will be divided on what is true.  Tell the truth and let the results be arranged by God’s providential blessing in the lives of the afflicted.  If we follow these instructions, His name will be glorified in our lives.


Thanks for walking with me as we live these Scriptures.