Israel 2014 IFL 396Some of the sites in Israel are splendid to the eye.  The Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee are like that kind of tourist highlight.  Most likely the Valley of Jezreel that is guarded by Megiddo should also be included in this.

Those who are fortunate to make it down to the Red Sea and relax at Elat would chime in for that location as well.  Swimming in those crystal clear waters or lounging on the sea-shore with many recreational guests taking advantage of the water and sun would nod in agreement.  Elat is a resort for modern-day Israelis.

Then, there are historic and prophetic sites.  The Western Wall or the Wailing Wall is such destination.  My soul is always stirred when I walk to the Wall.

Every year that I have help to guide a group to the Holy Land, someone always asks for an explanation of the significance of this place.  Yes, the wall itself is remarkable, showing the different historical seasons of occupation in this land.  Others point out the quality of its construction and longevity of this kind of engineering feat of massive stones cut and then placed without the benefit of power equipment. There is much more, however.

The Temple was located on the other side before it was destroyed.  That means that the Holy of Holies was located near that place as well.  This would mean that the ark of the Covenant was near this place.

The ark was where God met the nation of Israel.  On the cover of the case surrounded by two angels God accepted the blood sacrifices of the nation of Israel.  Thus, it is not the wall that is special but the location of the wall that gives worshipers a special reason to come here.

If you stand close to the wall, then look  immediately to your left, there is an arched opening.  Archaeologists have been uncovering more of the wall.  Inside there is an approach to a massive stone in the wall that is believed to be adjacent to where the Holy of Holies was situated.

It is a huge stone standing out in comparison to all of the other stones in the construction of the wall.  How it was ever moved to the location let alone moved into place is a marvel of engineering and craftsmanship that remains a mystery.  Nevertheless, let your worship spontaneously express itself at this very special wall.

photo credit: brucefong photography