Disney World 2014 071Everyone has heard of the millionaire who stops to pick up a penny as he walks to his car.  Few have ever known someone who was extremely wealthy and then asked them why with all their wealth do they bother with the addition of a mere penny.  One curious friend of modest means was with his wealthy friend and had the chance to ask that question.

After the wealthy man brushed the penny off he looked it over with familiar examination.  Smiling he thrust it into his pocket and was about to continue on his way.  That is when his friend dared to ask that puzzling question.

“George,” he asked with some hesitation.
“Yes,” George answered with no assumption of the kind of question would follow.
“You have so much wealth.  Why would you bother to pick up a stray penny?” the friend honestly saw a disconnect.
“Ah,” the answer was ready on George’s lips.  He reached back into his pocket to retrieve the newly acquire coin.
“Look here.  What does that say?” the expectant George waited with eagerness.
“It reads, ‘In God we trust’,” his friend said without making any connection with the words, their meaning or the fact that George wanted him to read them.
“I never want to forget from where my worldly resources have come.  So each time I handle a coin or currency, I see those words and it makes me remember.  It is not about my ability to make money. Rather, it is God in His great mercy that allows me to be a steward of what is all His.”

That kind of attention to detail can alter the way our world runs if the people in it would see it that way.  For example, my bride and I spent years saving up for a special vacation, our first trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  It shocking to be the focus of so much attention by the cast of this resort.

Yet, as the cleaning crew, yard workers, greeters, counter clerks and alike greet you with a smile it is shocking.  A waitress strikes up enough of a conversation to make you feel at home without being intrusive.  Or a store clerk goes the extra mile to direct you to another shop to find what you want makes you feel grateful beyond description.

Every detail in spirit and service blend into an amazing experience.  Sure I want to come back.  After all, that is what attention to detail reminds us of every time we watch it being done.

photo credit: brucefong photography