My calendar was my reminder of where I needed to be and when.  I am grateful for the non-emotional markers that will positively point me in the right direction.  Without my trusty calendar and cellphone that is linked to my Administrative Assistant I would be spending a lot of time apologizing to busy people that I forgot that we had a meeting.

It is not the tyranny of the urgent or the necessity of the next hour.  Rather it is the mercy of the herder who knows where the flock needs to be heading before disaster unfolds.  Now, it is up to the faithful stead to carry me to my next destination.

Off for a distant location, I frown at my GPS. It guides me to where I need to go, generally.  The first 30 miles goes by smoothly.  But, then I get dizzy driving in circles.

It tells me with all gentleness to exit in 300 yards. 800 yards later there is still no exit.  Now, she tells me to make a left turn.

I am in the right lane of a five lane interstate freeway.  It is loaded with fast moving vehicles and massive construction vehicles that could squash me like a bug.  A quick glance at my watch and my stress level rises even higher.  Now, I am officially late and there is no restaurant in sight.

Finally, I see some hope.  The GPS shows that I am a mere .25 miles from my destination.  When I arrive it is a corner gas station!

Yes, I called my GPS a dummy.  She is.  How could she be so undependable?

25 minutes later and 15 miles extra on my odometer, I pull over on a wide spot on a road.  I was done with driving through construction sites, high end neighborhoods, business complexes and freeway interchanges.  With a swift slap of the power button I turned my GPS off.

I dialed in on my phone.  She spoke clearly to me.  The restaurant was a mere mile away.  But, it was on the other side of the freeway.

When I rolled into the parking lot, my watch pointedly assessed that I was over 30 minutes late!  Oh, it was embarrassing.  But, my appointment took my tardiness in stride.

It took me an hour and 34 minutes to arrive.  He was so grateful that I could come.  He even picked up the tab.

“Boo!” to miles but “Hooray!” for new friendships born out of adversity.