The traffic engineers made their intentions clear.  At the intersection the left lane continues forward and merges on to the interstate freeway.  The middle lane continues straight on the frontage road.  The right lane may turn right or continue on the frontage road.

All of the lines that are painted on the road make these maneuvers clear.  Solid lines indicate that crossing these lines if forbidden.  Drivers learn that solid lines are to be treated as if they were solid walls or barriers.

My wife and I were driving in the entry ramp lane.  It was time to increase our speed from surface street traffic to freeway speeds.  All was fine until a car in the middle lane that was to continue straight on the frontage road decides that he wants to enter the freeway.

He merges into my lane right on my front fender.  If I had not braked immediately, then he would have collided with me. God rescued us with divine protection!

When I braked I also sounded my horn.  I wanted him to know that I was there and he was causing an emergency near-collision.  The adrenaline was pumping.

Instead of speeding up and waving an apology, the driver in the wrong, maneuvering his vehicle without safe margins or yielding to the vehicle that had the right of way, he stops his car.  He is now deliberately blocking the road for me and all of the cars behind me waiting to enter the freeway.  He honks his horn.

Slowly he moves ahead.  He is not accelerating but intentionally driving slowly to show his anger at anyone who would honk at him.  He was wrong but he is unleashing his anger on others whom he has wronged.

Here is a man who cannot admit that he is wrong.  He believes that if he bullies others around him with a critical domineering attitude he can cover up his own error.  It is a distraction from the facts of the infraction.

He is arrogant.  Pride, the bad kind, the wicked kind, the hurtful kind is what his life is.  Pity those who are close to him who get burned every time he makes a mistake.

Finally, he speeds off on the freeway. He has embarrassed himself.  He will spend the next several days justifying his bad behavior. Others around him will be victims of his displaced anger and self-righteousness.  Are you driving out there this week?  Be careful!