IMG_4332My bride was thousands of miles away.  Before she left she filled the refrigerator with good cooking that I could divide up and enjoy during the days of her absence.  I was not shy.

Her selfless preparation, however, could not last forever.  When her food ran out, I began to wonder how I would fill the void.  What does a man do when he is by himself and it gets close to dinner time?

I am blessed to not only have a wonderful wife but also a large box store just a few miles from my home.  They sell large quantities of what most people need for their monthly staples.  A number of specialty items fill in the gaps.

Someone must be thinking of busy lives with little time to prepare a meal.  So this store stocks several items for hungry people like me.  It is a simple stop on the way home from work.

With my buggy leading the way I head for the back of the store.  Under the heat lamps and packaged in perfectly shaped containers are roasted chickens.  They are browned just right and the juices are oozing out along with an aroma that will not let many skip a smile as they walk by.

I am not one who is a passer-by.  Instead, I stop, select my bird and pick up the hot container and place it carefully in the shopping cart.  Next, I push my way over to the next aisle and see what is next and last on my list: tomato bisque soup.

A four-wheeled cart is really not necessary.  It is just that the chicken is too hot to carry.  Letting the soup sit next to the radiating entrée helps get the bisque ready for serving.

After I arrived at home, the “hungries” hit and hit hard.  It was time to put out a serving of my gourmet meal and enjoy the evening.  One plate and one bowl was all that I needed.

The microwave did its job with the soup.  I cut up the chicken.  It was an efficient serving.  There was not need to worry about presentation just get the edible food on the table.

One fork, one knife and one napkin round out the table setting.  I returned thanks to God for His bounty and I took a picture before digging into the meal.  My wife was proud of my delicious fare with enough in the refrigerator for three more meals, bachelor style.

photo credit: brucefong photography