IMG_4327The retreat center was bustling with activity. People were pouring in for our annual new semester kick-off.  Some drove a mere hour and a half while others dragged in after a four-hour journey.

Coffee was the mainstay and magnet for human appeal.  Once a few sips calmed the nerves and settled the cravings, many grouped up for laughs and conversation.  But, not everyone was socially inclined.

An agenda was governing our gathering.  Planners and gifted administrators handed us all a packet.  A schedule outlined our activities for the next day and a half.

Before those hours began, I found myself attracted not by people.  There would be plenty of time for them.  Instead, a powerful appeal was a mere score of steps away.

I yielded easily.  Warmed and refreshed, the Texas lakeside view invited me to breathe in deeply.  Exhaling slowly felt very good.

Unaware that I had started smiling, that realization alone made me smile more broadly.  Creation has a way of engulfing us, not threatening our smallness but assuring us of something more secure and satisfying.  It was a little moment of blessing from the great God to a mere mortal.  I liked it.

IMG_4329Softly the wind moved over the waters of the lake.  It left a ripple across the glassy surface and picked up the reflective daylight, broadcasting the morning sky.  Gently there was a lapping of the moving waters on the shoreline.

Green growth of trees and shrubs found a permanent place around the water’s edge.  Roots drank in the plentiful water and gave their lives permanency for years of growth.  They broadcast a strong reminder that it is the water that gives life.

A powerful tree trunk framed the picture of the lake.  While the fluid lake moved and shifted, the healthy tree was stalwart and steady in its place.  The ground held it secure and it crept bigger and taller by incremental changes, adding hidden rings of history in its trunk.

The appeal of water gathered a huge variety of flora around its shores.  There was more than enough nourishment to keep grasses carpeting the surrounding edge.  Here the Master Creator shows off the variety of leaf shapes, textures and shades that on His palate.

Then, the water not only sustains the flora but draws in the fauna as well.  Birds, fish and animals wander in for a drink.  They lap up the sustaining nourishment and live.  There is something special about the appeal of water.

photo credit: brucefong photography