IMG_4413Thursday was not unusual for Houston, weather wise.  The clouds overhead were dark and overly pregnant with moisture.  Meteorologists had forecast heavy rains and sent out flash flood warnings.  I listened but did not hear.

I was shocked when I entered my usual surface street route to my office.  It was flooded.  Water covered the road from the side ditches all of the way over the center line.

Ahead of me several cars were driving slowly through water.  Each vehicle left a wake behind it.  I had never seen such high waters in my three years of Texas driving.

At the end of the road was a mandatory right turn.  Normally, it is a round intersection with plenty of turning space for 18 IMG_4412wheeled rigs.  Now, it was a lake with no name.

One car made the mistake of driving the perimeter of the waters.  It was so deep on the edges that the little car stalled as water crept up the side of the car and was surely seeping into the car cabin.  My pickup truck was blessing me with high ground clearance.

Nevertheless, I felt incredibly vulnerable.  There was no relief in sight.  As far as I could see the road ahead of me was a muddy river.

People had pulled off the roads and parked in strip mall lots.  They stood under umbrellas and watched us ford our way through the waters hoping to find higher ground.  An emergency vehicle was with them standing by to lend a hand.

IMG_4411They were not looking at me.  A small subcompact car was stranded.  The driver had tried to make it into the strip mall lot but the water depth on the sides of the road are especially deep.

The driver had his emergency flashers on.  His car was flooded.  It was a sad sight.

I rounded the last turn to my office.  After several attempts I drove into our lot from the back.  That’s when a driver and a Good Samaritan were pushing his stalled car through the deep water and up into a parking lot to assess the damage.

Floods make little humans feel very small.  Our expensive vehicles are easily made vulnerable when the waters rise over 12 inches on our roads.  I made it safely and breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God for the high ground clearance that He made possible for me to purchase three years ago.

photo credit: brucefong photography