IMG_4503Sometimes we question our eyes.  That really can’t be true.  Someone must have set that up to fool us.

If a natural phenomenon occurs in nature but we just are not used to seeing it, we stare in unbelief.  When a wonder of creation invites us to examine it, we gaze and observe.  Then, we process what we are witnessing.

My ATV was in park. I had to stop.  The vision of the rock formation was so unusual. IMG_4542

It was large.  Yet, it looked like a giant child had a building block set and put together a few stacks of boulders and left to set what else might capture his fancy.  Boulders that had no other reason to be resting on the edge of another stone, ready to fall off and tumble-down to the earth looked like someone perched them there just to smile at the travelers who would stop and stare.

The formation was both majestic and symmetrical. Against the bright blue Wyoming skies its orange, rust and white colors gave a picture of a delicious dessert following a feast of a meal.  Smooth surfaces belied the effect of the wind and waters that beat against it for centuries.

IMG_4564On the ground were the turning aspens of the Autumn.  Deciduous trees gave green highlights setting off its sandstone neutral colors.  Lifeless tree trunks and skeletal tree trunks splayed their empty branches and limbs towards the sky etching a history that the harsh weather would take life as well as entertain it.

Some time when no human eyes or ears could witness a change, the wind, water or shifting of the earth would send some of those boulders tumbling to the ground below.  The sound of a small avalanche would echo in the woods.  A few animals would tense, flee and rest easy soon after.

The stones will stop rolling.  Dust will settle back to the ground.  Then, the shape of the formation will be altogether different.IMG_4567

Change comes slowly to rock formations.  God has assigned different changes to take place at different times.  No one can stop change from happening.

Life is like that.  Each day there are small shifts.  Eventually, a significant movement scatters all of the possibilities.

As life moves on, so change makes each day develop according the plans of the Almighty.  The result is amazing.  Other see and wonder how it all happened.  For followers of Jesus there is a simple smile and response, “It is the will of the Creator God.”

photo credit: brucefong photography