IMG_1968It is a whirlwind of traveling for us.  For months we have been in touch with on-line travel, hotels and scheduling.  Adjustments to our itinerary, purchases and plans built up to the anticipation which so much of the season.

We landed with luggage that was loaded.  Our rental car held it all.  Mile after mile we rendezvoused with as many relatives as we could.  Still, sadly we had to miss some.

On the road we sent an email with our personal season update letter.  They were scattered around the country and the world.  We do not remember how many we sent but we hope that we delivered more than we missed.

Touching base with our family and friends is a treasure to us.  We would never want to miss anyone who shared their love with us.  Sending a note of our love to others is a blessing for us.

It was an endless journey from party to the next.  Yet, the growing joy of the reason for the season was growing inside of us.  There was no temptation to “Bah, Humbug!” anyone or anything.

Instead, the JOY of the season was glowing brighter and brighter.  Love from family and friends was producing a smile on us both.  During the journey from one gathering to the next was a time to reminisce over past wonderful gatherings.

We talked about special people who have meant so much to us over the years.  Many of our closest friends are too many miles away for us to enjoy this year.  Maybe during another year we can embrace, love on them and build more memories.

Tonight we will enjoy worship, praise and celebration at the heart of the season.  We will gather with a body of Christian believers that we do not know but share so much in common.  Jesus will be there and that is what truly counts during this season of His birthday celebration.

Gifts will be shared with loved ones.  Laughter and pictures will be recorded in our spirits and on digital memory cards.  Delicious meals will be consumed.

Soon after the celebration we will make the long journey back home.  We will both smile often remembering a smile, a touch and many words.  God has blessed us with great wealth with wonderful family and loyal friends.

Merry Christmas!

photo credit: KJB photography