IMG_5065Texas BBQ has a common menu.  Chicken is always on the menu.  It is usually served as a half of bird, grilled golden brown and offered with a drenching of BBQ sauce.

There is always some beef option.  Rarely is the an option of beef ribs.  While it is Texas and beef is common here, beef ribs are still uncommon.

However, there is always brisket.  When brisket is offered it comes with options of lean or wet.  Go with the latter.  It is tender, moist, flavorful and you won’t gag on it because lean brisket is so dry.

Pork of course is the meat of choice.  It is tender and full of flavor as well as tender.  My taste buds salivate just thinking about delicious ribs, chops or ham.

There is another choice of pork that is as versatile as any BBQ menu selection.  It is pulled pork.  Flavor is always amazing.  Moisture and tenderness are rarely a disappointment.

Last week I decided that pulled pork was so good that I was going to make it myself.  Yes, I watched a video or two.  Also, I read up on it in my BBQ cook book.

For five hours I smoked a whole piglet on my grill.  On low heat, 200 degrees, I let the steady heat cure the pork with a perfect red band.  Now, the work would  begin.

Inside of our kitchen I laid the pieces of pork out on a chopping board.  Carefully I separated the main parts of the pork.  The aroma was killing me!

To quench the craving I ripped off a piece of hot juicy pork and popped it into my mouth.  It was delicious.  Before I could go on I closed my eyes and slowly chewed on the product produced in my own backyard.

I let the pork cool a bit so that my fingers would not burn.  Then, with methodical care I pulled pieces of pork off the bones.  Once hunks of meat were removed, I shredded the pork chunks into strips.

Our kitchen was filled with great aroma.  Mounds of freshly smoked pork were pile high in different bowls.  I would make sandwiches, tacos, breakfast sides, lunch entrees and dinner main courses from this store of prepared food.

Each time the tender bits and flavorful mouthfuls made me smile.  My bride and I marveled at the fun it was to have a week’s plan of meals all scheduled out after a weekend of preparation by a labor of love.  I sure am glad that God gave us tastebuds!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography