Christmas 2014 105Step away from the pressure.  When life becomes complicated and confusing, make sure that you get away from those issues just for a moment.  Refresh your soul and you will last longer at whatever you are doing.

When our field trip stopped at the end of the road, we were transported to a place where we could rest, relax and release.  Each of us stepped out of our vehicles and quietly smiled.  It was natural reaction to close our eyes and breath in and exhale with a deliberate effort.

The view into Simi Valley, California was wonderful.  Sunny skies enveloped us in our destination.  Off in the valley we could see enough trees and foliage to sense that life was here and tugging at our hearts to sooth our stressful lives.

There was the distance rumble of heavy equipment.  Hard working men were building something.  Vehicles off on a road far away looked like ants on a journey to a particular destination.

Men had built houses in the landscape.  Farmers had planted crops that were growing.  Others had small orchards with fruit that had long been harvested.

The ribbon of man-made roads woven in between parcels of land.  They determined the route of busy drivers going from place to place.  Engineers in part followed the contours of the land for these pathways of commerce.

In the bigger picture the rendezvous between sky and land was a standout.  The skies were grey, purple and white.  They shaded the distant mountains with their lavender hue.

On the earth green captured the lion’s share of the vistas.  Light green decorated the pastures.  Dark green colored the forests and trees.

The details did not occupy my mind.  It was the big picture.  Everyone of the humans running around in that portrait were filled with troubles, stress and problems.

Individual difficulties seem to be diluted to insignificance from so far away.  That thought gave me more reason to pause in a new world.  It was a moment but a moment well lived.

Tranquility is a rare commodity in our busy lives.  For some life is unbearably brutal.  Others it is so filled with responsibility and stress that two lives cannot bear the pressure let alone one.

But, when moments afford themselves and we can decompress, a rejuvenated life can go back and tackle the challenges that will still be there.  Find a place to breath deeply.  Then, return there often and enjoy His design for rest.

photo credit: brucefong photography