Christmas 2014 053Someone decided to add color to the garden where guests would first walk on to the property.  Whoever chose these lilies did a splendid job.  They caught my eye.

This was not at the entry to a green house.  The environment was not controlled except by the Creator Himself.  He directs the sunshine, the temperatures, the winds and the insects.

Possibly this flower was delicate and vulnerable.  Lilies at least appear fragile. Horticulturalists smile and shake their heads.

The amazing appearance of these radiant blooms belies their durability.  They exist in hostile climates.  With rambunctious critters all around them and harsh weather pounding on them they display their brilliant colors and deck the environment with variety and cheer.

A nameless Master Gardener planned this display.  He or she saw in their mind’s eye and then created the flower garden.  Just as they had envisioned it, the plants grew and sprouted their flowers.

Like a composer writing a masterpiece, the gardener watched the colors burst out in their planned order.  Texture, shades and expanse detailed the arrangement of plants reward the eyes of visitors to a symphony for a season.  Waving a trowel signals the preplanned display.

God made the order.  Man observes the pattern.  Master gardeners note the matrix and reproduce it with a personal touch.

Whoever this gardener is, captured my attention.  I paused.  I admired.

Then, I took a picture to forever remember the radiance of this moment.  This flower was simple.  There were not a myriad of colors in it, just a few.

Nevertheless, I like the simplicity.  Symmetry was present like all lilies.  It mirrored one side to the other.

All of the stamen had the little variation of color.  The pistil was ready to receive the pollen.  Each of the colored pedals waited to attract the insects that would assist in making the pollination a reality for future plants and blooms.

And the cycle would go on and on.  As the seasons marched by the flowers of these gorgeous lilies would reappear, multiply and spread the beauty for passing eyes to see.  There is no touching allowed, just gazing and letting the fragrance remind us what God has planned for those who take the time to relax and enjoy His creation.

Are you in too much of a hurry to smell the flowers?  Then, you might be living life too fast.  Pause when you see the colors of the Creator and drink in His creation.

photo credit: brucefong photography