Christmas 2014 052

I was on a walk.  Yes, I had a specific destination.  However, I did not have an appointment.

There was no hurry to get where I was going.  The ease of no promises to keep or schedule to drive my hours felt very good.  My mind was taking in the journey.

That is when I paused.  My eyes picked up a bright colorful splash near my feet.  It was appropriate to stop.

Flowers decked the foliage below.  I do not know what kind of plant was there but the blooms were wonderful.  Of course the plants were green making these bright yellow flowers pop.

The Creator’s design of these flowers was simple.  Like a round marshmallow in the center, the flower puffs delicately.  Pedals radiate out from this center.

The slightest breeze made this tiny display rustle and shake.  Its beauty and fragile nature suggest that it will not be long on this earth.  There will be a short lifespan devoted to the propagation of the plant, then it will whither and fade away.

Splendor in a bloom is as marvelous due to its temporary nature as its actual color and bright display.  Value increases with the brevity of existence.  Humans have long loved flowers for this very reason.

This flower was too small to harvest for any indoor display.  It was perfect for the great outdoors.  A myriad of similar flowers covered the ground.

Yes, insects are attracted to these blooms to help pollinate the plant for propagation.  But, the human eyes, at least mine, were drawn to them enough to place my journey on pause.  I was enjoying this special display of life.

Maybe I was too long in admiring these little splashes of color.  Near to the ground I felt like a giant peering into a world where I was only allowed as a short-term visitor.  Yet, these colorful blooms were welcoming.

They were like tiny suns shining up into a big world.  Or they could be flash bulbs snap photos of the humans that pass by.  Then, again they could be the tiny worlds way of smiling up at the big people.

In any case no matter how goofy our imagination, it is worth the effort to pause.  Then, look down.  Never be in so focused on the destination that the journey is not a part of the life of joy that we have been given as a gift.

photo credit: brucefong photography