B99256315Z.1_20150328132245_000_GKMFLRBV.1-0Mike and I met many years ago.  He and I shared the common denominator of incredibly busy lives.  Maybe we proved that insanely busy lives see what is necessary and do it no matter how busy lives become. Together we poured our souls into the Bible for a study on how to become better men.

On Thursday mornings we would rendezvous at a local Michigan eatery.  The food was good.  But, the service was even better.

All of the wait staff knew Mike.  He was like that.  People would gravitate toward him as if were a human magnetic.

He would introduce me and I would be blessed by more people rubbing shoulders in my life.  Mike, served others, showed interest in others, gave wise advice, listened a lot, and applied his skills of life where and when he could.  As common as snow falling Michigan or humidity rising in Texas, Mike was helping someone, encouraging someone else or guiding another through tough times.

Once his company had discovered the perfect location for a radio tower.  They needed to send someone to a multi-generational farmer to buy a few acres of his family land so the tower could be built.  Who would they send?  Mike of course.

He pulled on a pair of comfortable blue jeans.  Then, he stepped into a pair of Western boots.  Now, he was ready to meet a total stranger and buy a piece of his family legacy for a radio station.

No one really knows how much time it took.  Mike made the sale and a new farming friend.  That is how Mike operates: he gets things done and the people involved are all happy.

Several times I could grab a piece of Mike’s past and put his history together in my mind.  No, he had nothing to hide.  He was just very humble about his accomplishments.

Humble is a word that I would describe Mike.  He never tooted his own horn even though there was a lot to toot about.  Yet, his modesty was as much a reflection on how he elevated others.

Loyal is another word that describes Mike.  He was devoted to his wife, his kids, his friends and to His Savior, Jesus.  No matter what trauma visited the lives of others, Mike was there to lend a hand, share a word of cheer or just to put people together who could help one another.

All of us who knew Mike are living better lives as a result.  He was taken away too early as far as any of us are concerned.  But, when God calls us home, He wants us to begin our forever with Him.  That for Mike Fezzey is a great final calling.  Yet, how I miss my friend.