IMG_0731Admittedly, my expectations were not high.  I have seen many “Christian” films in my life and they have mostly fit in a similar category.  To be Christian these films were low on quality, low on talent and very low on budget.

The message was usually very important but became diluted with the lack of media quality in the production.  Often I would see the film as a show of support.  Too frequently I would leave thinking the same word: corny.

To my surprise, pleasantly so, I was delighted with War Room.  I highly recommend it.  Besides being one of the most popular movies currently being shown, it has a spectacular message, excellent acting, surprising cinematography and very creative writing.

Can a movie on prayer where the name of Jesus Christ as central actually have a survivability in today’s critical market?  Perhaps the hostility of America actually futures an appetite for such a film.  There are generous subtleties of American exceptionalism and patriotism without being preachy or gratuitous that give the message substance.

It really isn’t where prayer takes place as much as with whom we talk to during our prayers.  Selfish prayers don’t accomplish much and real answers to life can come through the intercession of people who come to God with humility and dependence.  Lives of people changed and love restored are enough of an apologetic to get anyone to watch a movie like this.

We arrived at the theater 25 minutes early.  There were less than a dozen of us there to see the movie.  But, in the next 30 minutes the theater filled up.

During the showing the crowd laughed heartily, cheered vigorously and applauded loudly.  It was the most participation that I have ever seen in a movie showing.  That being a part of something was special and worth the price of admission.

Marriages that are on the rocks due to selfishness are a shame.  It is happening too often.  Can prayer really make a difference between two people who are both feeling like giving up?

What does it mean when two parties equally put the blame for a dissolving marriage on their spouse?  Can human selfishness and self-centered ego really be so deluded?  Both want the other to change, to align according to personal expectations and conclude that they deserve better?

Watch this movie and see how a disaster can be averted.  The power of prayer is not in our entreaty.  It is in unleashing the power of God.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography