IMG_1370This is the time of year that we all call our favorite.  Our spirit’s stir at the celebration of the birthday of the King.  It is far more than history; it is our  immersion into this real moment in time that shapes our eternity that grabs a hold of our lives.

It may help you this Christmas to read along with a devotional for all the days in December.  Each day a different DTS personnel authored a page in this booklet to focus your attention on Christmas.  While each presentation is different, they are also the same.

Jesus Christ is the focus.  His birth is at the center of this collection.  You will be drawn to worship, praise and celebration over this amazing season.

Among the many authors included in this collection I am thrilled to be one of them.  My entry is slotted for December 10.  You can obtain your free copy by clicking on to this following link:

Get your free Dallas Seminary Christmas Devotional today.

Merry Christmas!