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The mystery of the Far East and its exotic shadows of life and health have been with me from my childhood.  Whenever family members caught a bug, the typical radio advertised local pharmaceutical remedies were administered. But, in our home there was also a flair and fanfare from Grandma’s recommendation.

Whether someone had a cold, cough or fever Grandma’s solution seemed to work wonders.  Then, more serious maladies like hay fever, spinal stenosis and sciatica visited our family.  Grandma was not deterred.  She had knowledge of life to pass on to the rest of us.

Herbs, soups and teas were no longer on the menu.  Instead, the conversation turned to acupuncture.   To the uninitiated this alternative method of treatment seems a bit odd or even bizarre. More than once I have heard people snicker.  At least the more polite ask what is the science behind the practice.

I certainly am not the most qualified person to champion the practice.  There is a long list of doubters who have many avenues to probe and questions to ask.  My expertise is in theology not acupuncture.

Nevertheless, what I lack in expertise, I possess in personal benefit.  The needles have been expertly implanted in various parts of my body to match the pathways of my Chi.  Can I explain how the pain goes away?  No.  But, can I testify to the fact that it does what no other medical practice has been able to do? Yes.

My appointment was with Dr. Wan at 4PM on my day off.  I was in a lot of pain.  It was even difficult to make it from my truck into the waiting room.  The pain from my back was agonizing.

Traditional Western medicine provided temporary relief at best.  It offered very limited relief from my back pain.  I had tried almost every option from shots to pills to physical therapy.  Even surgery was starting to look like a viable option.

Physical therapy made me feel worse.  Climbing off of the treatment bed was next to impossible.  I was limping back to my truck.

When I arrived at home, the challenge of getting back into the house lay like a bed of hot coals to walk over with bare feet.  I did not know if I could do it.  Gingerly, one step after the next and a normal short journey was all about pain.  It was time to try something new.  Maybe it was time to try acupuncture.