The medical staff ushered me into the examination room and Dr. Wan introduced himself. He is in his 70’s and slight of build and very gentle in manner.  When he explains his practice and why he does what he does, you feel like you are hearing Yoda give a lesson about life.

My appointment was with Dr. Wan at 4PM on my day off.  It was tough to make it from my truck into the waiting room.  The pain in my back was agonizing.

Traditional Western medicine provided temporary but very limited relief from the back pain.  I had been trying almost every option from shots to pills to physical therapy.  Even surgery was starting to look like a viable option.

I would not say that my foray into the Eastern world of therapy was a desperate move.  It was one of several options that was on my short list.  Pain has a horrible way of making itself at home and disrupting every facet of your routine.

Simple tasks like putting on shoes was agonizing.  Walking any length even to put out the garbage at the curb was punishment.  Standing still for worship at church was more like penance for the sins of many lives.  It just hurt.

As Dr. Wan went on with his questions, I was reaching the limits of my self-control.  Reluctantly, I broke into Dr. Wan’s discourse, “I’m sorry but I am in so much pain now, I can hardly listen to what you are saying.”  Then, he went into action.

“Let me take of that right now,” he calmly assured me.  He was down on one knee.  With his left hand he grabbed my right knee.  My left foot was firmly in his grasped.

The strength of he two grips was remarkably powerful.  That’s when the surprise of his moves startled me into the reality that my back pain was subsiding at a breakneck speed.  “How did you do that?”  A few moments more of his technique and he simply smiled, “Let’s start your acupuncture and take care of this problem on a more permanent basis.”

He did not have to ask me twice.  From literally breaking out in a painful sweat to being relaxed and under control, I rehearsed in my mind what just occurred.  No pills, no painful manipulation, no fancy machines but just the right grip of an experienced man set my pain back into the “no problem” category.