uber lyftMy travel tastes are simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward.  Diva-stuff has never entered my mind and never sits well in my soul when it happens on those very rare moments.  Separation from people is not my gig; rather, identifying with the common person is my arena of comfort.

Travel makes me face the discomfort of figuring out how to get from point A to point B without any glitches.  Usually, public transportation from the airport to the hotel works.  If the hotel has a shuttle that is one step better.

Simple isn’t in the city planning schedule of the older cities of our nation.  Hotels don’t always have a shuttle to the airport either.  That’s a mystery!

Enter the private shuttle car service.  Some like the first and largest of those services.  I have looked at the competitor and much more preferred their business model.  When my assistant suggested that I try a phone ordered service for my trip back East, I hesitated.

In my office I am one of the least techie types. This new transportation option would depend on my smart phone skills.  With a smile I let my assistant put that feature into my travel plans.

My personal faith is locked into the sovereignty of God.  After all, if he is god, then he must be all-powerful and exclusively determinative over all matters.  I might as well learn to put that conviction into faith practice with something as simple as my transportation challenges in a distant city.

My assistant even gave me a link for an online tutorial.  Again, the techie option was necessary.  After viewing the online introduction, I downloaded the app and practiced.  She came in to check on my progress.

Smiling, chuckling, and grimacing I was off to the airport for a rendezvous with my responsibilities.  On the curb of the airport pickup area, I sent my request for a ride.  Just like the tutorial, I received a response, affirmation of the driver, his picture, and a real-time map of his en route travel to my pick up point.

We had a great conversation, discovered many common interests, and arrived safely at my destination.  “J” was a refreshing part of my stay in the city of business.  Now, I’m a veteran of private shuttle car rides.  Me, Mr. non-techie simple kind of guy, is hip with the transportation style of the modern age.