UnknownMy adopted home town of Houston is huge sports city. After all, we have 6 million people who call Houston “home”. It’s also the fourth largest city in the USA. Our fair city only trails New York, L.A., and Chicago in population count. It leaps to second place as an entertainment center, just behind New York City.

In addition Houston leads the nation with its harbor, amassing more international tonnage than any other port city in our great country.  Houston is also the most ethnically diverse cities in the USA. Add to these notable items, one of the leading medical centers in the entire world and the city rises as a world-class city.

Can you imagine all of the related conversations that fill up the air space in city limits? Nevertheless, like the rest of the country, honest, helpful, edifying conversations have taken a massive hit. Argument and disagreeable conflict have replaced honest dialogue. People are readily offended and quick to disagree.

Sports is an enjoyable alternative. Within the massive geographical region of Houston, there is a camaraderie supporting our sports teams. At least that is true as long as they are winning.

Right now, is professional basketball season. The Houston Rockets are doing well at the moment. Superstar, James Hardin, just tied the legendary Wilt Chamberlin for 40 successive games with over 30 points. That’s just “Wow!” Basketball is not even my favorite sport, but I marvel at such skill and of course smile when a Houston team is making that kind of international news.

May I observe a contrast on these two arenas of conversation? Politics and related issues generates anger, even hatred. We can’t carry on a descent conversation in that realm because the ire erupts into insult, offense, and bitterness. At least in sports within a fan-base there is a collective and collaborative interchange of delight, agreement, and celebration.

To keep this spirit of cheer alive I keep my personal minion close by and decked with an appropriate sport cap. Right now, my smilin’ minion is sporting a Houston Rockets cap. He makes me chuckle whenever I see him, hear his buddies over the media, or read a cartoon. My smile reminds me to always keep conversations civil, helpful, and edifying. Let’s hear it for uplifting conversations!

photo by bruce fong photography