Every time I start my day and end my day, my calendar planning is a priority. Major events and daily habits are all included in this ritual. A small part of my planning is keeping interesting upcoming sports events in mind. The NBA championship made me pay attention while our Houston Rockets were in the mix. Once they were out a lot of my attention waned.

Houston Astros are playing very well. Even with key injuries the team comes up with substitute players that keep the winning ways rolling. They are a fun team to follow.

I am keeping a close eye on the US Women’s National Team in Soccer. They are in Group F of the World Cup. Sweden, Chile, and Thailand are their F Group opponents. 24 teams from around the world are competing for the championship. The USWNT are the defending champions and the look dangerous.

My day at the office and in the field were very productive. The next several weeks are also jam packed with travel, teaching, administration, and strategizing. After a ten hour day and an hour commute in both directions, I am ready for some relaxation. My bride and I had in mind to watch the first match USWNT.

I was so disappointed when I stepped into our house only to notice a news flash on my cell phone. It announced the final score of the USWNT over Thailand. On the one hand I was bummed that the game was already over. On the other hand I was thrilled that WE had won. The bewilderment set in. “I was sure that I had planned to watch the 7PM CT broadcast of this match. Everything was correct except the broadcast was technically a RE-broadcast. Bummer!

The individual talent on this year’s team is breathtaking. Teamwork was consistently astounding. Coaching the match strategy was tactically a winning approach. Durability and endurance showed how well prepared this team was.

Sure, there is some talk about “running up” the score. But, that is really a conversation for the sports pundits. We will just let that debate happen until the next story formulates itself on this world stage.

Meanwhile, I along with many others, marvel at the domination of the USWNT. It was amazing to watch how many touches in a row the team accumulated. Their patience and explosive athletic ability were stunning. Go USA!

photos by brucefong photography