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Watching the team that I am responsible to supervise is a treat. Those who have great responsibilities, show the edgy threat of anxiety. But, faith eventually wins out!

169A5E1F-E19D-4D70-9003-282A355EAAEC_1_105_cTogether our team eagerly waits for the arrival of new students who are starting their seminary careers in the middle of the academic year. We can’t wait to meet them, greet them warmly, load them up with contact information for every conceivable problem or challenge that they might encounter. All of our team have either 865AFEAD-B50B-40B6-AC84-B543775B240F_1_105_c.jpegpassed through that gauntlet of seminary education or are in the middle of it right now.

Each of us remembers how a friendly face and knowledgable soul told us what set our minds at ease or cheered us on with a confidence that was infectious. Now, it’s our turn to help someone else. Each of us has our unique area of expertise; while all of us together are ready to share a generous smile, moment of prayer, or efficacious advice guaranteed to bring success.A6251388-C94D-4074-B822-D8068A4024BC_1_105_c.jpeg

My confidence in our team members of DTS-Houston is over the top. They are the best at what they do. Any anxiety on the part of our Spring semester new students are soon to be allayed.

I have seen it every semester. New faces come to our orientation. They are overwhelmed with syllabi, confused with due dates, concerned with massive amounts of reading, or burdened because of overlooked deadlines that might startle them out of the blue. 63496F56-F136-4EC6-BE6C-8EB6A1A91689_1_105_c.jpeg

Then, with a thorough presentation for our expert staff and faculty, the stress dissipates steadily with each passing hour. Countenances begin to relax. Soon the infectious smiles of Team Houston begins to spread to the new students. It is an amazing phenomenon to witness.

This is the way to begin. We have worked tirelessly to recruit these students. Now, we want to be with them every step of the way so that they finish their course and succeed in their education.

The smiles in these photos are real. They cumulatively spell out WELCOME! I love leading this Team.

photography: photos by fong


Unknown-1.jpegGung Hey Fat Choy! Happy 4717 Lunar New Year. May your new year be prosperous!

Chinese New Year is going to be celebrated all around the globe. Everyone who is of Chinese descent is getting ready. This is the biggest celebration on the calendar.

Plans have been made to travel to be with family no matter how far the journey might be. China is a huge country so a day or more of travel is common. Mass transit will be jammed and people measure progress by the inch when they are waiting for their turn to board the train.

Festivities at home begin on Friday night. That’s New Year’s Eve. It will be a feast that traditionally took weeks for a family to prepare. Family, food, friends, and fortune fill everyone’s thoughts.

The temptation is high to snitch some of the delicious fare. Duck, chicken, pork, beef, fish are just the basic points of a beginning. Each is transformed into a long family recipe filled not just with flavor but also with meaning.

Don’t let anyone catch you taking samples. The aromas are sensational. But, the feasting never begins until that last family member has made it home. Let the anticipation define your appetite.

I have added a golden mouse to my office decor. It is the year of the rat, the metal rodent is in keeping with the five philosophies of the ancient thinkers: water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. Many still think that all in life is linked to the influence of these basic elements in our world.

So much beauty and wonder fill these days celebrated by my ancestors. There is intrigue between the flavor-filled bites from grandma’s and momma’s cooking. Great conversation and catching up with cousins, siblings, uncles, aunts, and new friends fill every home with joyous sounds.

At the same time, while anticipating this cultural celebration, my heart beats with another kind delight. This indescribable joy is beyond this earth. It is heavenly.

Amazingly, a new family has welcomed me into their hearts, as I sojourn on this earth. Thousands of separating miles don’t affect this new fellowship. Instead, they are reminders that this world is not my home, I’m just passing through.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. He reached out to me with his amazing love and caused me to be born again. Now, that’s a reason to celebrate.