Unknown-1It doesn’t take much to go batty when we are sequestered in our own homes. Not unlike voluntary house arrest, we get cabin-fever. After a few short days and suddenly realizing that there is no end in sight, we blow a gasket or two.

Add to that the explosive phenomenon  of children who require home schooling. My wife is a school teacher and found a humorous take on this unplanned necessity for one parent. With her two grade school children at home and forced to teach them, this one parent reported on her first day: “One student expelled, the other suspended, and the teacher is drinking a lot.”

Dramatic individuals have produced home videos of goofy antics, musical comedies, and trying long stored recipes for dinner. Others have faced the sobering reality of Corvid 19 invading the life of a loved one, small businesses on the brink of bankruptcy, or small churches struggling for survival.

May I give all of you an invitation? Please, tune into KHCB FM105.7 or listen on line at https://www.khcb.org/wp/listen-now/ every Wednesday in April about 10AM Central. The program is Prayertime.

On my drive into the station I was marveling at the absence of a piece of Houston infamy: there was NO TRAFFIC! I traversed the entire 21 miles at posted speeds. Something clearly was happening in our city.

I was on the road in spite of a city-wide judicial order to stay at home, because radio personnel, albeit temporary, are exempt. Communication is an essential function for the city.  If I was stopped by law enforcement, that was my approved story as per the radio station.

The sound room was ready for me. I donned the headset, turned on the “On the Air” light, prayed for God’s blessing, and began my recording. It was fun. I was thrilled to do the broadcast. I hope that if you can tune in, Prayertime will be a blessing to you.

photo by BFong photography