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Copy of popcorn tree 2009 004Man has formulated the observations of biology. Jesus is the life of that biology. Whoa!


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Antietam & DC 018

“Exclusive claim” are two powerful words. Joined together the phrase is jaw-dropping. Jesus has a unique accolade when it comes to the historical credit of creation. Amazing.


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Canon Beach Sunrise dawn

While convictions can be precocious, it is satisfying to embrace that Jesus created everything and was there in the beginning. Stunning.


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Israel 2008 109If we can never know how everything began, then It is comforting to personally know the one who was there. Profound.


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Trophy Ranch 2008 029 copyLately, I have been toying with the idea of laying a trap. It’ll be a bushwhacking for sure. Certainly, I know with the right planning that I will lay waste to a long time foe.

This is an enemy that has harassed my every career move. It has been a constant threat and I have glared at him, stared at him, and spit at him countless times. Yet, he lingers.

Once in a while I see him lurking around people that I know. Some have even looked longingly into my eyes and muttered that they will overcome, eventually. Maybe someday they will, like me, put this persistent assailant into the ground.

When he dominates, someone always seems to be around to witness his victory. It was in my early years that he thrived so openly. My Dad noticed it the most.

“Come on.” he would urge, “let’s get to work. We’re burning daylight here.”

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” ancient literature would lecture me.

One of the bright sides of the Covid-19 Quarantine is the chance to do battle with this ancient persistent foe. I could step up home improvement projects, write letters, catch up on long overdue reading projects, put my fingers to the keyboard with composition resolve, or pick up long missed hobbies. Yes, I could; but, lounging around, thinking how nice it is to sleep in, piddle here , twaddle there, and skip projects every where, doesn’t feel that bad. Time to chill again, baby!

I could write more, but I feel like leaving it right here.

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Unknown-12All of us educators have been thrust into the world of online classrooms. Some have done so with great adventuresome enthusiasm. Others have been dragged into it kicking and screaming.

I for one am grateful as an educator that those with the vision to equip our seminary with cyberspace technology were allowed to do so. Of course I love the face-to-face, in-person, real time education dynamic. It is the best teaching mode. Yet, today, during the world-wide pandemic, at least we can carry on our process of education via cyberspace.

Today was one of those times. I was scheduled months ago to teach a Men’s Study group that normally gathers at our church, Houston’s First Baptist Church. Through the technology savvy of the Men’s Ministry Pastor, Eric, everything was set. He even rehearsed the technology steps with me several days in advance.

At the early hour of 5.15AM I rose, washed, and prepared. I fired up the computer, tested all of the systems, and spent some excellent time in prayer. Then, the clock signaled that it was time to log into our Zoom meeting.

Each time someone logged in, the chimes of their new entry punctuated our growing gathering of men. It was fantastic! Nearly fifty men came aboard. With the invitation from my host, I began my lesson.

A goofy thought entered my mind when I signed off. All of the cyberspace gymnastics reminded me of Star Trek. Bones quipped about the Transporter, “scattering all of my molecules into space and hoping somehow they can all be retrieved back in the same order instead of finding yourself as one gooey organic mess on the floor.” Hmmm…maybe that’s what my lesson is, one gooey theological mess on the floor. Oh, well, ENERGIZE!

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4D437A5D-E968-4985-BB11-08DC9A9D556B_1_105_cAre you ready for some radio? Today and every Wednesday in April I will see you on the air at 105.7FM KHCB radio. These call letters stand for “Keeping Him Close By”. Join us for Prayer Time at 10AM. If you are outside of the listening area, please jump online at This a real time program. I’ll try an add some podcasts to my personal webpage later. Talk with you soon!

Unknown-3.jpegThere are very special days when families gather to share a meal together. It’s a big deal for families who have followed those traditional gatherings regularly and for generations. They are fabulous, filling, and fun.

Now that the world is quarantined under a Pandemic, families have had to consider creative interaction. Some have elected to stand on the sidewalk, and exchange family sentiments from a safe social distance. Others, stand in the backyard or on the patio while making hand motions to their grandkids through the closed sliding door.

Hugs are missed. The warmth of a grandchild falling asleep on my shoulder is a deep longing. Soaking up tears of a third generation with my casual shirt soothing away hurt feelings is no longer a norm. I miss the raucous sounds of little running feet.

This past Easter Sunday was a great day to celebrate the best news of life. Jesus Christ was resurrected from the grave and made it possible for all mankind to be saved. Every Christian joins in this world-wide celebration.

We had to deny ourselves the thrill of gathering in our church buildings. Gratefully, we used online gathering options. At least we had an option.

Ah ha! Why not use that same option for family? So we did. We turned on our Zoom and most of immediate family logged on.

We set up our computers to exchange views of one another while we enjoyed a Sunday Easter meal. It was fun. Viewing the video of the family made this special day even more splendid.

Easter Sunday became family day once again. Our hearts were full. Family revived our lively love for one another.

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My bride and I are celebrating online with the Houston First Baptist Church family. This is were we are delighted members. The ministry team as put together an amazing Easter Service program.

Do you need a church that teaches the Bible? Please join any of our ALL DAY services today. Then, come back every Sunday. When this world-wide Pandemic is over and we can regather, come and be a part of us. We would love to have you with us. Really!


This is a very special day. It is Good Friday. Most of us have thought of how ironic it is to declare this day with a title that includes the word “Good”.

After all, it is the day that puts all of the attention on the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. That has to be one of the most horrible days in human history. How could the brutal death of the Son of God be considered good?

Furthermore, the events of this day were triggered by the most dastardly human deed: betrayal. Judas who was treated with nothing but generosity, love, and trust turned against Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. There is no human act of betrayal worse than what Judas chose to do.

So many of us have had a chunk of our hearts ripped from our lives through the evil life  of another. There is no justification for the wicked act of betrayal. It is ugly and despicable.

Each guilty traitor weaves an intricate justification for their selfish deed. They convince themselves with the temptations fueled by their own sins that they are doing something good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet, the Lord Jesus Christ died for even the sin of betrayal. He died for all of our sins. Both small and massive sins were taken voluntarily on himself, taken to the cross, and forgiven.

As wonderful as the satisfaction is to realize the massive good deed Jesus accomplished for all mankind, never minimize the price he paid. He who knew NO sin became SIN for us. He was our substitute. He took our place. He died so that we could live.

It’s worth a few moments on this special day to marvel at what Jesus suffered for all of us. Yes, the physical suffering of the flogging and the agony on the cross were horrid. Never forget, however, the greatest suffering of eternal death on our behalf rocked eternity.

What happened on this day changed eternity forever for ALL who would turn to Christ as their Savior. Are you sure where you stand before God? Make sure. Check out John 3.16.

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