UnknownIt’s that time. Do you want to hear a voice with a face made for radio? To be honest, my radio voice isn’t all that great either. But, my heart is sincere and the Word of God is fantastic! Furthermore, prayer is still working.

Please jump into FM105.7 at 10AM Central for Prayer Time. If you are not in the area, then you can go online https://www.khcb.org/wp/listen-now/. That is a great option but it is only a “real time” option. There is no delayed audio for KHCB.

Eventually, I will transfer the programs to podcasts. You can check those out on my webpage: http://www.brucefong.com. 

Did you know that KHCB, the call letters to this station, stand for “Keeping Him Close By”. The station keeps God close through the Word, the Bible. Pretty cool, eh?

Hopefully, we can connect with each other on the radio each Wednesday this month in April 2020. See you on the air! Joy!

photo by bruce fong photography