Unknown-4Houston is famous as a world-class city for many reasons: leader in oil related business, famous medical center, outstanding center for music and the arts, hub for international trade, and home of many of the nation’s largest faith centers. It is also known for its traffic. This many hotspots for commerce and community emphases attracts millions of people to live and engage in transactions here.

Now, that so many of us are sequestered in our homes to do our business, we are forced to adapt. Houstonians adjust with creativity and turn our limited mobility into time investments. Just removing the daily commute from our schedules allows us to add two new hours into our routine.

Stress from wading into traffic is immediately dissipated. A more tranquil spirit launches us into free-spirited work endeavors. I find myself working faster, more efficiently, and with fewer distractions.

Proof of my increased productivity is my email inbox screen. It is empty! I am current with all of my conversations, complete with all of the requests, done with new endeavors. Four times today, I have been able to respond almost immediately to new inquiries and smile over and over at my empty screen.

There is so much bad news, concerning updates, and scary stories over the outlet stations that I am quite happy to cut broadcast times to a mere 30 minutes a day. The extra time allows me to invest those moments back into work productivity as well. God gave us time; let’s use what he gave us remembering that it is a non-renewable resource. Use time well and we will marvel at how productive we will be.

photo by brucefong photography