Unknown-5“Going to church” has been a part of our routine for decades. We don’t think about it, make adjustments for it, or wonder about other Sunday options. “Going to church” is the schedule and everything else is planned around it.

Family times, lunch times, concert choices, hobby moments, and phone calls all take a back seat to this standard calendar appointment. It is not a pain. Nor is it an inconvenience. “Going to church” is an event that we eagerly look forward to being a part of our weekly experience.

We have been down the road of many creative adventures when it comes to “Going to church.” Three times I have been a part of a new church plant. Jumping in on something brand new added a massive adventure to “Going to church.”

Many times I was the pastor and led the way to “Going to church”. It was a huge part of my life, married life, and family’s life. Few humans will ever know how much a pastor and his wife give to the church where they shepherd a flock of people.

Home Church is a fun way to gather the membership during the week. Some call it by different names but it is similar. These gatherings have been called “small groups”, “Life Bible Studies”, “Cell groups”, “Home Fellowships”, and the list goes on.

During this worldwide pandemic due to Covid-19 the phrase “Going to church” has not called for a new invention for the membership. It is not even a dusting off and an old idea stored in the archives. Instead, it has been a simple “spinning up” of what most churches already do.

Providentially, the world-wide web gives us an option. We log in to be a part of great worship, pray together via the internet for great needs and collective intercession, and hear the Biblical teaching from our pastor. It is eternal life manifesting itself through great hearts eager to be a part of what the Almighty God is doing in our world.

“Going to church” is simple for us now. No commute is necessary. My wife and I sit at our dining table, open our Bibles, and boot up our I-pad. It’s a genuine and live option during our compliance to “stay at home”.

photo by brucefong photography