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Bicycle riding in Houston is a motivating decision. This is not a serendipitous choice. I make this part of my plan the day before I peddle. With soaring temperatures and thick humidity, riding in the morning soon after sunrise makes the most sense. The day before I lay out my riding clothes. I think through my route. My calendar responsibilities makes allowances for chores, studying, reading, errands, and work if it is a workday. Then early in the new day, I saddle up and ride off into the distance. The rising sun creeps over my left shoulder. Asphalt unfolds in front of me. Cool air greets my smiling face. It is time to cycle the roads of Texas.

photo by brucefong photography


Sin is devastating. It convinces men that they have time, there are other solutions to consider, or they are not as bad off as some make it out to be. God rescues people in spite of their ignorance by choosing them to be saved. Jesus never refuses or loses any of these that the Father brings to him. Mercy! Jn6

Drowning people grab for the life preserver. They are afraid of dying, making any available hope worth taking. Unless people sense the desperation of spiritual death, they hesitate to reach out for Jesus’ offer to believe in him. No one is very successful at helping someone else realize how precarious their spiritual condition is. Sad. Jn6

It has been a great ride to jump in on the KHCB Prayertime radio broadcast for both June and July. If you can join me one last time on Wednesday, July 29 at 10AM Central that would be amazing! Tune in at 105.7FM or if you’re outside of the listening area, boot up your computer and click on to

God makes it possible for everyone to come to faith in spite of the shortcomings of sin. The welcome for any who want to believe in Jesus comes generously and is fully guaranteed. A future free from the sting of death is part of the assurance. What an offer! Jn6

Hunger drives people to force their argument revealing the ugly side of selfishness. The Savior graciously overlooks human pitifulness and offers the greatest gift of all, eternal life. Amazing. Jn6

When we say that we are seeking God but really are looking for a way to gain more to feed our appetites, it doesn’t fool God at all. He knows the intent of our hearts. So embarrassing! Jn6

The disciples who had an eyewitness personal experiential relationship with Jesus didn’t even recognize who he was during a storm on Galilee. Fearful of a massive storm, failing in the area of their own earthly expertise, they thought he was a ghost. A paranormal conclusion by men of faith? His spoken word calmed them and they received him into their boat. Instantly, they arrived at their destination safe and sound. Wild! Jn6

Humans can react poorly when they receive help. Some wanted to forcefully make Jesus do what would secure their grocery bills forever. Others wanted a new government with Jesus as their head but according to their standards. Jesus knew why he had come and how it was to transpire. He would not deviate from the will of the Father. Wow! Jn6

Are you ready for some radio? Let’s rendezvous at 10AM Central on 105.7FM KHCB, Keeping HIM Close By, for Prayertime. If you’re out of the listening area boot up your computer and jump online at I am looking forward to connecting with you. Joy!