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I am privileged to serve as the guest teacher for Warrior’s Heart this Thursday, October 29 at the brisk morning hour of 630AM Central. We will meet at Houston’s First Baptist Church on I-10 at the 1-610 Loop. Come join us a bit early for breakfast, then a fascinating study of one of the most remarkable and controversial Hero Judge in the Scriptures, Jephthah. If you are out of the area you can connect Online at

See you then and there!


Jesus makes a sweeping declaration about belief. When a person chooses to believe the words of the Savior, eternal clarity is the result. True faith not only embraces the person of Jesus but also puts their faith in the Father in heaven.

The role of Jesus as the messenger of the plans of the Father are powerfully presented and humbly lifted up. It is the Father who sent the Son. Understanding of this amazing dynamic becomes clear to everyone who chooses to believe in Jesus.

What occurs because of faith in Jesus is astounding. Instead of simply receiving spiritual insight of a limited nature, new birth opens up spiritual living that is described as passing from darkness into the light. Jesus is the perfect servant who carries out the Father’s will even to the very words that Jesus spoke.

Those who have ears to hear, receive the good news that faith in what Jesus spoke leads to eternal life. The message by the Father and the Son are one and the same. God makes it clear what he wants man to hear. Stunning! Jn12

Let’s do some radio. Please tune into KHCB (Keeping Him Close By) 105.7FM tomorrow Wednesday October 28 at 10AM Central or online at for Prayer Time.
This will be my last time hosting this program for this very crazy year of 2020. See you on the air!

Miracles have a divine purpose. God is not trying to win America’s God Talent. He doesn’t show off to merely wow an audience.

The purpose for the miracles of Christ on earth were to bring people to the decisive moment of belief. These supernatural interventions were designed to confront people with the truth and move them to faith. As odd as it seems, God has his mysterious divine purpose in preventing some people from believing.

But, more important than this mystery is the gift of belief that is given. Even leaders steeped in tradition and surrounded by an environment of legalism also came to believe in Jesus. That is a miracle multiplied many times over. Astounding! Jn12

Historic episodes are marked by specific events. These moments in time are known by the interruptions or shifts or pauses in human history. Jesus takes careful note of humanity’s greatest historic episode.

This factual moment in time will be marked by Jesus’ death. He foretells of this act of God by describing the kind of death he will experience. The details of his coming crucifixion confuse those who are religious but not genuine believers in who Christ is.  Jesus urges his listeners to take advantage of his presence. He urges them to believe in him while they still can. His soon departure will make choosing faith more difficult because he will be gone. Darkness will take over their environment since he is the light. Opportunity. Jn12

Some things in life are hard to hear. Coming judgement is one of those tough pieces of information that are difficult to hear, accept, and to resign ourselves. Humans are prone to self-righteousness.

None of us likes to think that under any judicial jurisdiction we would be guilty of judgment. Yet, Jesus announces that judgment for people is near. The world is under divine indictment.

Satan, the prince of this world, is about to be dismissed from the world. He cannot fight it. As powerful as he is he must bow to God’s sovereign authority. It will be as severe for the evil spiritual world as God has ordered it to be. Whoa! Jn12

Jesus declares his commitment to his calling. That devotion is in contrast to the limited human side of us all that wants to escape from the pain.

Yet, Jesus’ certainty of calling was clear. He came to die for all and he would not shrink from that painful purpose. His objective was to have God glorified in his life and death.

Heaven punctuates Jesus’ expressed devotion with an audible voice of affirmation. This verification was not to encourage Jesus but was for the benefit of humans who heard this conversation between heaven and earth.  Every gesture by Jesus was a revelation of the Gospel. Jn12

The Garden of Gethsemane was a place for Jesus to find refuge. He prayed intensely there during his Passion Week. Some think that he was shrinking from the horrors of the crucifixion.

No doubt the physical suffering from the flogging, ignominy, and crucifixion were horrendous. The Roman expertise on pain was well rehearsed and documented. Yet, Jesus was the Son of God. He was courageous and obedient. Jn12

The Pharisees had already entrenched themselves as opponents of Jesus. The witness of many in the population who were turning to Jesus frustrated them. It was becoming clearer and clearer the difference between Jesus and the Pharisees.

Death would be the ultimately distinction. Jesus’ death made no sense to anyone at that time. His disciples were confused by it. The religious folks thought it was their ultimate victory. Jesus knew it was the means to eternal life. Life through death. Jn12

A little FaceTime with grandson, Sammy. He’s getting used to the faces PauPau & Goong Goong for our first meeting at Christmas. Eager expectations!