The world-famous Sacramento California Valley was where I grew up. That fertile region was the bread basket of produce and fruit for all humanity to enjoy. Farmers who made their livelihood by growing crops surrounded my youth.

My earliest jobs as a youngster were in the horrid heat of tomato fields, apricot orchards, and sugar beet crops. The orchards especially saw little mercy to trees that would not produce a crop. The chain saws waited to remove poor producing trees and replacement seedlings were ready in the greenhouses.

Fruit, quality produce, and quantity harvests spelled the only way success and security were measured. Hard work by farm hands and faithful care of the trees meant that the outcome of the harvest was the final judge of an orchard. Everything was about fruit. There was no other measure.

Christian living is the same. God calls each of us believers into his family. He has a single desire for each of us. God wants his children to bear fruit. He does all of the growing, makes all of the producing possible, and only asks us to live out the life he has put in us. Sin, the choice to rebel against the commands of God is the only obstacle in the way of this life of spiritual fruitfulness.

Don’t choose that path. Choose instead to be fruitful. God gave us everything that produces a bounty of fruit.

Choose well. Jn15.