Not a care in the world? No fear of offense? Unbounded freedom to laugh? Unabashed expression of love? Yes, those are the features of a house full of grandchildren. Ok, I am exaggerating. There are three grandchildren. Nevertheless, “full” is fair when the decibels of all of our laughter, screams, and giggles are compiled together.

It is an amazing Thanksgiving season, when little lives intertwine with older lives for fond expression. These little ones thrown their bodies with reckless abandon. We who are older, experienced, and actually more frail, catch running tackles, cradle jumping bodies, and hug excited squealing bipeds climaxing moments with tight hugs, countless kisses, and beaming smiles.

I love this season of life – grand-parenting.

This is a badge of joy. Three generations crowd into our cozy home. Love leaks out of every conversation. Teasing that leads to laughter is always fair game. We don’t even know what’s funny but the giggles never seem to stop.

Ok, enough of the composition. Let the blog bask in the energy of three treasured lives that we dearly love. It is grand!