My doctors are paying attention to my health. After my primary care physician listened to all that he could through his stethoscope, felt everything that could make a grown man blush, and took note of how my body responded to reflex tests as well as my personal descriptions of his precise questions, he passed me on to a specialist. It was time for my computer to boot up and fill out more forms and enter cyberspace with virtual appointments.

The specialist was very helpful. He acknowledged my concerns, clarified the mysteries of my visit, informed me of his suspicions. To validate his diagnosis further he ordered an MRI, magnetic resolution imaging. More forms and more appointments filled up my calendar.

I showed up early for my MRI appointment. Traffic was unusually light for Houston. Providentially, the person who had an appointment just ahead of me was a “no-show” so I got bumped up. The staff were helpful, attentive, and soothing. This was my second MRI so I knew what to expect.

The tight quarters of an MRI machine can be unnerving. I did chuckle a bit feeling like I had just been loaded into a Star Trek photon torpedo or a Star Wars escape pod. The weird sounds of the machine are only contrasted with the sheer volume of the noise. I was glad that they offered me earplugs before the testing.

Now, I am awake again after that restful repose. Soon the doctors will interpret the results and my life will go on until the next battery of tests and procedures. Here’s to your watch care over your health!