You believe. All of us believe in something. With enough pressure we can bend meanings so that the most cynical will squirm and finally admit their personal choices.

Sometimes the focus of belief is small. Other times faith defines our life. We march to the tenets of our belief system and fight to maintain our hold.

Faith is not about the amount of data that we have. Nor is it based on how well we can dredge up that knowledge. Of course it is not about our ability to argue with someone else on the subject.

Instead, it is about our belief in whatever data that we possess. Conviction is essential to faith-living. Make no mistake. You have to know something if faith is going to be real. Nevertheless, faith built upon essential truths without depending on quantity is the deciding factor.

I work at one of the world’s leading seminaries. We have students enroll every semester who are some of the brightest minds on the planet. However, these brilliant souls are not always the best students. Instead, the basic, hard-working, diligent student who transfers new data into deep conviction are the bright lights every year in our hallowed halls.

Remember, it is never about how much you know. We can’t all compete in the intellectual rarified air of these lofty lives. Instead, it is about what you believe. Now, we can ALL contribute in this gathering of spiritual lives. Believe!

photograph by BruceFong photography