I am still a friend to the movie with a happy ending. “Wonder” is one of those films. You’ve never seen it? I highly recommend it.

A young boy is born with a goofed up set of genes. Operations and special care are a part of his life. He is a great kid but he is severely damaged in his own psyche because of how he looks.

His parents and sister are fantastic supports. But, the world is an unforgiving place when it comes to standing out. Peer pressure is huge. The masses stare and openly ridicule young Augie. Yet, true friendship and family win in the end. It is brilliantly written, cast with excellence, and is certainly one of my favorite movies.

Then, there is a huge poster at the top of our steps, reminding of a film that makes me sad and smile. It is called “Up.” Young Russell lives his life as a Wilderness Explorer Scout, trying to win the graces of Mr. Frederickson.

In the beginning of the film there is a speed up of time where there are no words spoken, just music and that lives of Carl and Ellie lived out over life time. Joy, laughter, but ultimately sadness and bitterness stop the fast forward. Life is awful alone. Carl’s life changes when he finds meaning in pouring into the life of a youngster. It is discipleship at its best. Time, love, memories knit lives together for the real meaning of life. It is a fabulous film