Dallas Theological Seminary welcomed me as new student during the Fall of 1974. Finding work, locating a new church, meeting new friends, setting up my study routine, finding my way around a new city in a new state were all challenges. Of course at the ripe age of 23 old friends and new friends were introducing me to my future “Mrs.”

Friends invited me to check out their church. Their friendliness often came with a “Oh, by the way, I would like you to meet …” Naturally, it was polite to go along with the introduction, be friendly, Christian, and naturally charming. Finding a lifelong partner was way up on my prayer list, so I was a-tuned to however God would sovereignly lead as I tested the opportunities.

Those meetings were fun, fascinating, and a distraction from rigors of seminary studies. Pleasant conversation, hearing stories of another person’s life, tracing the spiritual pilgrimage of another was always a curiosity, and of course wondering if God was starting a connection with my life partner was always on my mind.

The age-old question of how a person really knows when he meets Miss Right still lies in the foggy realm of the mysterious. Yet, I noticed some clues. First, godly friends have great hearts. Their tastes in possibilities was always commendable. But, that intangible subjective chemistry seemed to have its grip on the pathway to “I do.”