My first semester at Dallas Theological Semester was entering the books of history. It was time to make my plans for Christmas. I was looking forward to the break.

With my carefully earned savings I bought a round trip red-eye airplane special to my home state. The big draw was the Winter retreat of my home church for college and career students. It was scheduled for our traditional site of the Ponderosa Lodge on the grounds of Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center.

Many good friends excitedly told me that they would be at the retreat. Anticipation of reunions are thrilling. Also, a church in San Francisco asked me to speak at their morning service when I was home for the break. Relatives also told me to fill in their Christmas celebrations while I was home for the break.

Now, my two week hiatus from my first year at seminary was all set. In the back of my mind were several connections with wonderful women that I wondered if they would develop. I had to leave that option up to the Almighty.