I arrived at the retreat center with enthusiasm. Conversation after conversation unfolded. Great news happening in the lives of great friends filled my mind. The speaker was good, the worship was excellent, and testimonies were stimulating.

The weather turned for the worse. Heavy rains and stormy winds led to the cancellation of all outdoor activities. Undeterred, we all made adjustments to our expectations.

At first I stayed in my cabin. I was going to study for the upcoming sermon for the next Sunday to be preached in San Francisco. But, it was just too weird being sequestered alone after a long first semester in seminary. Bah, I gathered my notes and headed up to the gathering area where everyone was squashed in from the rain. A cozy fire was attracting a lot of attention. I joined the milling crowd.

A welcome spot on a sofa was just what I needed. Then, I opened my Bible and notes and tried to study. But, there was a distraction. Behind me a group conversation was taking place. They were talking about the “chain of command” in marriage and family. That topic was intriguing but I was captivated by one of the voices in the group. It was the sexiest voice I have ever heard.